National Parks & Game Reserves

From your first glimpse of lions prowling the sweeping savannahs to antelope bounding through cool rain forests, from the birds and baboons filling the tropical jungle to the dolphins leaping about you in a dazzling marine reserve, these national parks are a life-sustaining marvel and a source of awe for all who visit.

Imagine descending into a lush, hidden realm – the Ngorongoro Crater – where thousands of animals make their home protected from the outside world by the walls of an extinct volcano. Or taking a ten-minute drive from a world-class city to Nairobi National Park, landing you in a reserve teeming with wildlife, the giraffes framed by a background of skyscrapers.

If you can imagine the possibility, the parks of Kenya and Tanzania can deliver it. And even provide you with some wonders you perhaps never thought of.

Kenya National Parks and Game Reserves


Shimba Hills National Reserve

A cool, mist-shrouded rainforest in Kenya? And only a short drive from the coast? Absolutely! This is Shimba Hills Nation Reserve, where you can view wildlife amongst the waterfalls and wafting sea breezes.


Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is a privately own game sanctuary found in Kenya just next to Tsavo West National Park. This park is famous for its wildlife and classy game lodges found there such as Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge.


Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is a wonder of wildlife in a grassland setting but framed by the skyscrapers of bustling Nairobi in the background.


Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy

In an ironic twist of fate, Ol Pejeta, at one time a cattle ranch, is now a private reserve devoted to saving and protecting animals. Those animals include the largest population of black rhinos (111) in East Africa.


Samburu National Reserve

It is hot, dry and somewhat out of the way, but Samburu National Reserve is the most popular park in northern Kenya. Those discouraging features just might be the secret to its attraction.


Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve

You won’t find this small, endearing shrew – about the size of a rabbit – anywhere else on earth. But you will here at the Arabuko Sokoke Reserve, the last and largest tropical forest that used to cover much of East Africa. Located just minutes from the Indian Ocean beaches of Watamu, the reserve is a world away from the coastal resort scene.

Lumo Sanctuary


Masai Mara National Reserve

No amount of superlatives can describe the massive river of wildlife in the Masai Mara National Reserve. A yearly migration of over 2 million animals tramping over the rolling grasslands of the park.


Meru National Park

There are 13 rivers in Meru National Park, lots of rainfall, dense jungle, verdant swamp and endless green rolling hills. In short, this park is wild and beautiful.


Aberdare National Park

Thick rain forest, spectacular waterfalls, cool mountain breezes and wild moorlands, Aberdare National Park is a hiking, fishing and wildlife paradise.


Tsavo East National Park

Being the largest and the oldest Game Park in Kenya, the famous Tsavo East National Park was launched back in the late 1940s and it covers 13,747 Km Sq.

Ziwani Wildlife Sanctuary


Lake Nakuru National Park

It has a blazing sea of deep pink flamingos – millions of them! Their intense fuchsias bursting against Lake Nakuru’s deep blue alkaline waters. Quite simply… it has until some few years ago been the most brilliant show of birdlife on earth.


Lake Bogoria National Reserve

Picture a high mountain lake in a volcanic region near the equator covered with an endless swarm of bright, pink flamingoes. Now add in the sight of numerous bubbling geysers erupting along the banks and from within the lake itself.


Mt. Kenya National Park

It’s the second highest mountain in Africa. It borders the equator, yet it supports 12 glaciers, plus pristine lakes, tarns and dense alpine forest. This is Mt. Kenya National Park – a land and a world away from all the other national parks.


Tsavo West National Park

Everything about Tsavo West National Park is extreme and striking. The contours and variety of its land, the deep colors of desert, sky and springs, and the surprise of nearby wildlife emerging from the scrub.


Amboseli National Park

Amboseli is known as the best place in Africa for getting up close to free-ranging elephants. The population is so robust here that sightings are guaranteed! It’s just one of many reasons the park is the second most popular in Kenya


Lake Baringo National Reserve

Part of the East African Rift Valley, Lake Baringo is one of only two freshwater Rift Valley lakes, together with Lake Naivasha, in Kenya. It is in the remote west-central region of Kenya, with only Lake Turkana being further north.


Lake Naivasha National Park

Deep blue lakes, rich acacia forests, extinct volcanoes, waterfalls, imposing towers and bottomless gorges – you’ll be amazed at the variety and drama of the parks, lakes and preserves surrounding Lake Naivasha.


Hell’s Gate National Park

Everything about Hell’s Gate National Park is different. You can take a guided walking safari here. In fact, it’s encouraged. And where else can you do a bicycle safari, riding past grazing zebra, giraffe, impala, buffalo and baboon.

Tanzania National Parks and Game Reserves


Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is famous for its great herds of elephants. During the peak months of the dry season visitors can expect to see the largest concentration (3,000) of these wonderful creatures in the world.


Kilimanjaro National Park

The highest peak in Africa. The biggest freestanding mountain in the world. One of the largest volcanos on the planet – this is mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro – a towering symbol of grandeur, majesty and power.


Serengeti National Park

Its vast rolling savannahs appear to stretch out past the horizon. So too, the immense herds of wildebeests, marching by the millions in their great migration – the largest movement of animals on the planet.


Arusha National Park

Mountain rainforests. Rich savannahs. Alpine moorlands. And majestic Mt. Meru. You can soak up all these scenic landscapes in a single day at Arusha National Park, one of Tanzania’s most beautiful and varied parks.


Ngorongoro Crater

Visiting Ngorongoro Crater is like stepping into an adventure movie: a sprawling, forested volcanic crater teeming with lions, cheetahs and flamingoes!


Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve is the largest wildlife reserve in Africa – primarily known for its elephant population. The park is named after the British explorer and conservationist Frederick Courtney Selous


Lake Manyara National Park

Some say it is the prettiest park in Tanzania. Ernest Hemingway thought so. And yet, two thirds of it is under water! You’ll find the big mammals here and Africa’s largest troops of baboons. Yet the lions are often found lounging in the trees!

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