What complimentary services does Julius Tours safaris provide for its safari participants?

Kenya is world famous for its friendly and hospitable people. We extend this hospitality to our safari participants by providing complimentary meet and greet services including Mombasa airport to hotel shuttle transfers during your arrival and departure.

Other services include general Kenya destination assistance services as may be requested

Are persons with special needs able to participate on any of your Safari tours?

We cannot guarantee that safari accommodation and other facilities will be available for such as wheelchair passengers, however, we shall do our best to reserve equal value/standard properties and facilities that conform to the special needs.

We request that you specify your special needs and requirements including diet preference in this case.

Our safari tour driver / guides have sufficient experience and will to attend to special needs persons during safari tour

Is there WiFi at the safari lodges & tented camps?

Almost all accommodations during your safari in economy , comfort & Luxury categories provide Wifi

This is in the public areas of the facilities including the reception , dining areas and lounge

Wifi is not provided in the individual rooms or tents

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