Destination Uganda

Known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda has beautiful nature and rich wildlife. Kampala is its advancing capital. This small country gathers all the best Africa has to offer. It prides on lush forests, high mountains, plains and many other natural beauties. The country is famous as the habitat of Mountain Gorillas.

Quick Facts

  • High Seasons: December to January and June to September
  • Low Season: March to May and October to November
  • All Seasons: December to January (high season), February (shoulder season), March to May (low season), June to September (high season), October to November (low season).

Each of the high season is the right time for travelling to Uganda. Rainfall determines the seasons here and it is the lowest in these periods. Uganda receives the highest rainfall from March to May. Forest trails become slippery and roads muddy.

The low season in October and November features less rain. During these periods, you can benefit of lower rates. February is a transitional month between dry and wet seasons. Less tourists visit Uganda and lodges aren’t fully booked. Besides the high seasons, February is also fine for travelling to the country.

Our Uganda safaris and tours include but not limited to:

Gorilla Trekking Safaris

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